Terms & Conditions

Here you will find a list of the full terms & conditions that apply to each service that we offer.

The Helpline – This service is for you to use to report a cold caller, suspicious call, illegal door knocker or a scammer. In order for this to be as effective as possible we do need you to capture as much information around the caller & their company as you can, the minimum amount of information we need is the callers name, company name & a phone number.

The Call Diversion Service – This service is designed to block 100% of cold calls that call your landline number and it works by diverting all calls to our call centre and we will act accordingly depending on what kind of call it is, all welcomed callers will be passed through politely & quickly and we will warn off all cold callers and scammers.

For this to work you will need to contact your landline provider and ask them to activate the call diversion service on their end & we will give you the number to have the calls transferred to, your landline provider may charge you extra for this service but Scammers Be Gone will cover any costs involved.

The Post Checker Service – This is a service for you to use if you receive a suspicious letter, email, text or even social media letter. We would ideally require you to send us a copy of the document for us to assess, you are more than welcome to cross of any personal information that you do not want us to see. If you absolutely do not want to send us a copy of the letter / email then you do not have to but it would be easier to work with.

The Renewal Service – This service benefits include automatically sending you two replacement No Knock Stickers every two years & we also check the relevant anti-calling lists (like the TPS) once every 12 months to make sure your details are still registered and up to date.
To get the most use out of this service we would ask that you keep us up to date if you move address to avoid the stickers being sent to the wrong place, we would also like to contact you once a year to make sure your contact details are still correct.

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