How You're Helping Other People

Every time we receive any kind of complaint we always log and keep all of the information regarding the company / scammer as possible. That way if we get another complaint from someone else regarding the same company / person then we know that person is a repeat offender and has ignored our warning to stop.

This helps us to build up a much stronger case when we approach the relevant authorities, so without good people like all of you reporting these horrible scams and cold callers then we would not be able to stop them as we would not be aware, so thank you.

You may be pleased to know that we take £0.25p from every payment we receive, we then put this money in a pot and will use it to personally compensate people that have been scammed and have had their refund request unfairly rejected by the bank.

We also have strong plans to start donating to charities that provide people with mental health support after a scam.
Please be advised that any payment you make is protected by a 14 – day cooling off period, so if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase / subscription at any point during this time then please contact us for a refund

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