UK Cold Call Blocking Services


We are part of the Scammers Be Gone group & specialise in preventing all forms of cold calls for residential members of the public, if you have fallen victim to a scam within the last 60 days then please click here for information on how we can help.

We guarantee to stop 100% of cold callers within 72 hours of signing up to our cold call prevention services, there are no complicated call blocker to install & there are no lists for you to constantly update.

– We will stop 100% of cold calls on your landline

– We will stop 100% of cold calls on your mobile

– We will stop 100% Doorstep salesman

– We will deal with all junk post, emails & text messages 


We are also experts at stopping cold calls for business owners and you can find out more by clicking here.

Once you subscribe to our services you will also receive regular newsletters to inform you of new cold calls that are being reported, you will also have access to our mobile phone app for 24/7 support & you will be sent anti-cold calling stickers every 2 years.

Cold callers irritate us all with calls about a variety of services and products usually at the worst possible time! Unfortunately for those of us who are fed up with all the nuisance calls, cold calling in the UK is legal. However, that doesn’t mean you are doomed to be driven crazy for the rest of your life. We can help.

We have a very unique approach to stopping cold calls & we are the only company in the world that uses our method, please contact us for further information on 0800 193 6851.

We also enforce the legal ruling of the Telephone Preference Service which makes it illegal for cold callers of any kind to contact you, we also take further action against any company that breaks these rules.

You can register to the Telephone preference service for free by visiting

Cold Call Prevention Services

All 4 services for just £4.49pm

Helpline Service

Call Guardian Service

Post Protection Service

Registration Service

Call Blocker Rental Packages

CPR V5000


CPR V10000


CPR Shield


What our Customers are Saying


“Amazing company and beyond afordable. Lost 4k from a scammer and spend less than 40$ for their services and they spent months working with me, the scamer and the bank and we’re able to get $2500 out of the 4k back and if I found them a month sooner I am confident I would have gotten it all back. Time is critical when it comes to refund and these guys were amazing with super fast responses and super nice people and worked hard and actually card about getting their customers money back.”

“Saw an advert on Twitter for free door stickers requesting no cold calls etc and contacted the company to request them. They arrived the next day and the company contacted me to check they had arrived. The people I was in contact with were really friendly and helpful. Thanks a lot!”

“Saw on social media hat they were offering free no knock stickers didn’t actually expect to receive anything but received 2 decent size no knock stickers and a nice little letter thats includes advise around existing scammers.”

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