Cold Call Prevention

We offer 4 cold call prevention services for just £4.49 per month and this price will never increase unless you decide to add on our Scam Protection Service which on its own is £2.99 per month. We will provide you with this Bundled Service Package at a discounted price of £6.99 per month

Please be aware that the cost of £4.49 per month gives you access to all 4 Cold Call Services, not just this one service.

We take a very forceful approach to stopping cold callers, if you contact us to report that you have been called then we will contact that person / company directly. We reinforce the legal status of the Telephone Preference Service which makes it illegal for cold callers of any kind to contact you, we confront the cold callers who break this rule & will take further action if we need to.

If you continue to receive calls after we have taken action then we will take further action on your behalf, if this method is unsuccessful then we will register you to our Call Diversion Service which we guarantee will stop 100% of cold calls

We also register you to the Telephone Preference Service as part of our package, but you can do this yourself at anytime. 


The Helpline

You can use this service if you are being hassled by cold callers that are offering you things you do not need or want, we will approach these companies and warm them to stop contacting you & inform them that you are registered to the TPS. If the calls continue after our warnings then we will make an official complaint on your behalf and take any further needed action.

If we are unsuccessful at stopping your cold calls with this method then we will register you to our Call Guardian Service which is guaranteed to stop 100% of cold calls.


The Call Guardian Service

The call diversion service is designed to block 100% of nuisance calls from contacting your home phone. We do this by diverting all calls from your phone to our call centre. Once the call is transferred to us, we will immediately establish if the caller is a welcomed call, a cold caller or a scammer and will act accordingly. If the call is a welcomed caller then it will be passed through to you but if it is a cold caller then we will deal with it on your behalf.

You do not have to use this service if you do not want to, it is only if we have been unsuccessful in stopping your cold calls through our preferred method that we would suggest using this service.


The Post Protection Service

This service is for you to use if you receive a suspicious letter, email, leaflet, text or even a social media message. Contact us straight away if you have concerns about anything and we will investigate it immediately.

Registration Service

We will register & re-register you to 3 anti-cold calling services once a year, this includes the TPS (telephone preference services). We will also send you free no knock stickers every two years starting from the date that you register.

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