Buy A Blocker

Call blockers do not stop 100% of cold calls but we do understand that they have been on the market for a long time & that this is the preferred method of cold call prevention for some people, so we have registered as an affiliate partner of the big call blocker provider CPR and now currently stock all of their products.  

You should also be aware that you will need to install the blocker yourself & you normally need to manually update the list of phone numbers that you would like blocked.

If you are considering purchasing a call blocker then why not subscribe to our services for a 90 day period first, if we fail to stop your cold calls within 90 days then we will send you a call blocker completely free. 

Every time you purchase a call blocker through us then you will also receive 1 years worth of our Post checker service, and we will check any suspicious emails, post, or texts etc at no extra charge.

We will also send you a No Knocker sticker & No Junk mail sticker to prevent door salesman & junk mail, we will also replace these stickers for free every 2 years.

Our products come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty, free delivery & a 14 day money back guarantee.

Having a call blocker will work better if you are registered to the Telephone Preference Service as well which we can register you to or you can do so yourself, we will also register you to multiple other cold call prevention registers. 

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